Web Tools and Techniques

As you look around APLE Web Designs, you will find many different techniques applied to enahnce your visit, many times taken for granted, on occasion using very complex approaches, yet resulting in a simple, attractive, informative, useful outcome. You can use some of these tools to improve the overall quality of your web site.

Fade Out Scrolling

This is a creative approach to providing information to readers.

The Mountains of Mourne

Percy French (1896)

Oh, Mary, this London's a wonderful sight,
With people all working by day and by night.
Sure they don't sow potatoes, nor barley, nor wheat,
But there's gangs of them digging for gold in the street,
At least when I asked them that's what I was told,
So I just took a hand at this digging for gold,
But for all that I found there I might as well be
Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.

I've seen England's king from the top of a bus
And I've never known him, but he means to know us.
And tho' by the Saxon we once were oppressed,
Still I cheered, God forgive me, I cheered with the rest.
And now that he's visited Erin's green shore
We'll be much better friends than we've been heretofore
When we've got all we want, we're as quiet as can be
Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.

It's All About Navigation

It is important that you visitors efficiently move about your web site, readily finding the information they seek: not getting lost along the way, and definitely not losing track of your web site by wandering off, via some inadvertent link, to someone's else web location!

Look at the top of every page at APLE Web Designs. There you find navigation that puts you in control. The design is neat, compact and effective, in some places, eg, Solutions, featuring a drop-down menu revealing further areas to explore.

I would like to share a visual navigation tool that might be in order for some sites.

Other Techniques

There are many, many other things that can be done to enhance your web site. In some cases, small businesses have set up e-commerce stores to sell product and process securely on-line via credit card transaction.